We are delighted to hear that you have decided to get married and that you are interested in exploring the possibility of having the marriage ceremony or blessing at St Paul’s Cathedral; the information on this page should help give you an idea of what being married at the Cathedral will involve.

In June 2017 the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church voted in favor of a change to our church law about marriage meaning that the Scottish Episcopal Church now recognises and will be able to celebrate marriage between same-sex couples. We are currently exploring if St. Paul’s will be one of the churches which will be able to celebrate equal marriage, and in the meantime we are delighted to conduct blessings of same-sex unions.

Why get married at St Paul’s Cathedral?

St Paul’s Cathedral is a fabulous place to get married or in which to have your marriage blessed.  A long and beautiful aisle, a wonderful organ well played, the grand and yet intimate surroundings of the Cathedral, the possibility of the Cathedral choir, an informal but dignified and reverent marriage or blessing liturgy, and then that long walk together at the end of your service down the aisle to the great west door emerging to the sound of pealing bells in the tower above you announcing your love to all the world.  This is the stuff that fairy tale weddings are made from and it could be yours!

Do I have to be a member of the Cathedral or another church to be married at St Paul’s or to have my marriage blessed there?

No, but we’d love to see you at one of our Sunday or midweek services!

I’m not sure if I believe in God – can I still get married at St Paul’s?

We welcome couples at St Paul’s wherever they find themselves on their journey of faith.

I’ve been married before – can I still get married in Church?

St Paul’s marries a lot of people who are doing this for the second time around. The clergy can agree to marry people in that situation with their bishop’s permission. The important thing to do is to talk to one of the clergy about this.

We’re living together – can we still get married at St Paul’s?

Of course you can. Most of the couples we marry at St Paul’s are already living together.

We are getting married elsewhere, but would like a church blessing – is this possible?


What will the service be like?

You can see some of the options for the words that will be said here:

What kind of music can we have?

Here at St Paul’s we have a full-time Pastoral Musician who will talk with you about options for music during the service. The Cathedral has a wonderful organ, built in 1865 and it is also possible to book the choir or other musicians for the service. If there are any particular pieces you would like played, just let our Pastoral Musician know. We can also organise for the bells of the Cathedral to be rung on your wedding day.

What about Civil Partnerships and Same-Sex Marriages?

Currently, the law does not allow same-sex couples to marry at St Paul’s Cathedral. However, the Cathedral is committed to the equal treatment of same and opposite sex couples. We are happy to bless a Civil Partnership or Civil marriage using a liturgy designed for such an occasion.

How much will it cost?

The fees for different options are as follows:
Use of Cathedral – £250
Verger’s Fee – £50
Service booklets (based on number printed) – £50+
Bells – £200

Organist – £100
Organist with choir – £140
Singers from the choir (per singer) – £15
(NB: If a recording is to take place an additional charge is made: 50% for a sound recording, 100% for video recording)

What about the legal stuff?

Please note that under Scots law no wedding can proceed without a Schedule from the Registrar of Marriages.  You must visit the Registrar to arrange this at least a month before the ceremony, although the sooner you do this the better for your own peace of mind.

They can be contacted at: 91 Commercial Street, Dundee, Angus DD1 2AF  +44(0)1382 435222

General Registry Office’s Website:

What’s next?

Please contact the Cathedral Office in regards to possible dates for the ceremony. A meeting with one of the clergy team will then be arranged to discuss your wedding and requirements for music can be talked through with our Pastoral Musician. We look forward to hearing from you!