I’m New!!

Welcome – we’re so pleased that you’re here! Coming to church on Sunday can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know what to expect.

New members

Most people coming to St Paul’s for the first time attend our 10.30am Sung Eucharist which is the main service of the week.  We are currently working towards a much more welcoming entrance-way but, in the meantime, please do not be put off by the long flight of steps to the front door and the huge wooden doors at the top.  Push the one marked ‘Entrance’ open and come in!  Inside you will find a light, airy building and, more importantly, someone to welcome you and guide you to a seat.  We’re a very mixed bunch of people from all backgrounds and of many nationalities.  Some of our members dress up to come to church but most do not, so feel free to come as you are!

Our worship is relatively formal – we have a robed choir, the clergy (ministers) wear coloured vestments (robes) and we use candles and incense in our worship – but we hope that we are never stuffy!  As a community, we tend to be very informal and so our structured services tend to be dignified at the same time as being relaxed.  We try to ensure that what we sing and say together and the message that is preached in the sermon is contemporary and culturally relevant.  We sing lots of new hymns and songs from all around the world as well as some ancient texts that form part of our rich heritage.  In the course of the 10.30am service, the broad structure is pretty much the same each week – we gather together, sing, pray, listen to readings from the Bible, listen to the sermon, offer prayers in response and then celebrate the Eucharist or Holy Communion when we come forward to receive the consecrated bread and wine, the body and blood of Christ.  In the Cathedral, all are welcome to receive Holy Communion but if you would rather not, you are welcome to come forward for a blessing from the priest or to stay in your seat.

The Cathedral community strives to be inclusive, celebrating all of humanity as made in the image of God regardless of age, gender, family background, nationality, sexual orientation or faith background.  So please come along, whether you are looking for a spiritual home, exploring your spirituality or just visiting. You will always be most welcome at St Paul’s.


We also love having babies and children in church. We have a Young Church during the 10:30am service with special activities for children and young people of school age. Younger children are also welcome but we request that a parent or carer stays with any children under 3 years old. Equally, children are more than welcome to stay with their accompanying adults in the main service if they prefer. Have a look at the Young Church page under Activities for more details.

After every morning service there is tea, coffee and cake (and on special occasions wine or bubbly and canapés) so do stay for that if you have the time – we look forward to seeing you!

On our Regular Services page there are details of the different services available during the week. We worship in the beautiful Cathedral building, with its soaring spire in the centre of Dundee. However, we don’t believe that the building makes up the church; rather the community of people who come together to share in our common life – check out our News section for details of what has been going on recently and our Events section for upcoming events. There are also different groups that meet in and around St Paul’s throughout the week.  To find out more information and get involved have a look at the Groups page, or see the Announcements page for volunteer opportunities within the Cathedral.

If you’re interested in getting married or having your marriage blessed, have a look at our wedding page or contact the office.  If you are interested in being baptised or confirmed, or having your baby baptised at St Paul’s Cathedral, please contact the Cathedral Office. We are very happy to baptise (christen) children and adults and baptisms normally take place during the 10:30am Sunday Eucharist.  Click here to email the office.