In the centre of the choir aisle there is a brass and marble slab, presented by Elizabeth Forbes, which marks the resting place of her late brother. A translation of the Latin inscription reads: ‘Here lies Alexander Penrose Forbes, who fell asleep in the year of salvation 1875, of his episcopate the 28th, and of his actual age the 59th’.

Bishop Forbes, who was often in delicate health, died after an unexpected short illness in Castlehill House on 8 October 1875. On Sunday 10 October, a continuous stream of people, said to be from ‘all conditions of life’, filed past his body as he lay in state, in full episcopal robes. Bishop Forbes was buried with great ceremony on Friday 15 October 1875. Appropriately, he was laid to rest in a grave carved out of the rock of Castlehill, in the Chancel of his beloved St Paul’s.