The Lindores Cabinet is decorated with seventeen panels of medieval carving. These are believed to have originally formed part of the choir stalls of Lindores Abbey in Fife (1191-1559). After the Reformation, the panels were taken and installed in the pulpit of St. Mary’s Parish church in Dundee. When the panels were removed during an eighteenth-century renovation of St. Mary’s, Bishop James Rait (1742-88) bought them and built them into the pulpit in the Episcopalian Seagate Chapel. After the move to Castle Street Chapel in 1812, the panels were transferred to the new pulpit. However, following alterations in 1839, they were distributed among members of the congregation.

In 1923, the Provost of St Paul’s Cathedral, Alan Campbell Don, organised a collection of these historic items and they were built into the present Lindores Cabinet.