Prayer Diary: July 2024

Morning Prayer 
Monday – Thursday 8.30 am 
Morning Prayer is livestreamed on the Cathedral’s Facebook page. You can join live online, or (usually) in person in the Cathedral, or catch up online later in the day. About twenty minutes: a psalm, a couple of readings, some silence, prayers for the day.

The readings and the psalm will be posted on the livestream. Orders of service are below. Printed copies are available in the Cathedral.

The online order for Morning Prayer is on the Scottish Episcopal Church website and is updated daily.

Prayer requests can be emailed to, or posted in the Prayer Requests box near the candle stand in the Cathedral.

Prayer Group
Saturday 10.00 – 11.00 am
The Cathedral Prayer Group meets in person at Castlehill House (next to the Cathedral) on the first Saturday of the month, and online on other Saturdays. Different people take the lead to begin the session with an email offering a prayer focus, and the prayers can be read and used there and then, and pondered or caught up with during the week. Prayers include psalms and hymns, poems, and music. Prayers are offered for all worldwide, national and local concerns, and most particularly for the city of Dundee, St Paul’s, and current issues. If you would be interested in joining the email group, contact the Provost.