About the Tay Copes

Copes are worn in church services for festivals, diocesan gatherings and great occasions. The Tay Copes Project is the creation of a set of Chapter Copes for the Cathedral and Diocese of Brechin. Specially designed for Brechin by the Embroidery Workshop of Derby Cathedral, they are inspired by the Tay, with ornamental hoods each slightly different to reflect the different moods of the river: morning and evening, ebb and flood, winter and summer. 

On Sunday 25 June the full set of Copes will be presented and blessed at Evensong in the Cathedral at 5.00 pm. You’ll also see the Copes worn at the installation of a new Dean on Sunday 27 August, and at many diocesan occasions in the future. 

Supporting the Project

Some of the cost of the Tay Project is being funded jointly by St Paul’s Cathedral and the Diocese of Brechin from historic funds that are restricted to this kind of use. Donations towards the cost of the Copes are very welcome – you are invited to sponsor a Wave (£100), a Ripple (£50) or a Splash (any amount). Details for donating are here. Each Cope costs £1500 and there will be six.

All donors are invited to the special service for the blessing of the Copes in the Cathedral on Sunday 25th June 2023.