Swaziland Project


As a group, we currently number 10 and work to raise funds to assist the Anglican Diocese of Swaziland to help the people of eSwatini, many who are ill and/or living in extreme poverty as well as the many children orphaned as a result of the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country.

A good portion of the funds sent from the Diocese of Brechin since 2013 goes to support parish-led Home Based Care (HBC) teams who struggle to provide care and support for acutely and chronically ill people.  These HBC Teams provide physical, emotional and spiritual care and comfort to those who are sick and their families.

We try to help regularly in small ways – providing personal care items, surgical gloves for the protection of the caregivers and basic medicines.

What we do really does make a difference. Email the Cathedral Office  if you’d like to help out.