The baptismal font is situated at the west end of the Cathedral, near the entrance, in accordance with Christian tradition. The stonework on the pedestal of the font is of historical interest, incorporating a fragment from the twelfth century Lindores Abbey in Fife. In 1854, while St Paul’s Church was under construction, the Rev. Dr Anderson, the parish minister at Newburgh, wrote to Bishop Forbes offering him a carved stone, which was lying in the manse garden, and believed to be from Lindores. George Gilbert Scott was consulted, and he designed the remaining stonework, elaborate top section and baptismal basin to ‘match’ the medieval carving.

An 1887 Guide to St Paul’s Church commented on the religious significance of the Lindores carving: 

‘There is much teaching in this relic of the past; it is a link with the ancient Church, continuity with which is our precious heritage. We baptise here upon the old foundation’.